Not all parents are able to pay privately for therapy services, especially services that should be provided free by the NHS.

We were fortunate that we had the ability to focus our money and energy in to the occupational therapy needs of all three Smilers.

We’ve worked as a family and individually with Andrea Bell, an amazing lady, since the twin Smilers where three years old. She is basically part of the furniture at our house.

For us the focus was on meeting their sensory processing needs initially. Throughout the years Andrea has supported us in using many therapies such as

  • Body Brushing and Joint Compressions
  • Therapeutic Listening Programme
  • Managing emotional regulation through using music
  • Food tolerance and eating difficulties

She has also supported the Smilers with developing daily living skills such as cutting, writing and toileting.She has worked with all three smilers doing regular therapy sessions at our home.

Her professionalism and knowledge can’t be faulted. This, along with her empathy and ability to connect, not only with the individual children but also within a family, makes her one of a kind.

we can not recommend KentOT4Kids enough!

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